New year new beginnings!

2018 Jan 20th

Having a new website means having a new blog, I have to say I am torn about this. I kind of loved my old blog, not because I am the best writer or that it was really interesting but it was my journey and it documented my beginnings. So I think I may go back and bring a few of those posts over here.

I don't know about you but a new year always brings hope and wishful thinking for the new year. This year that didn't happen, I kind of just thought, it will probably be hard and suck (this is not a motivational blog lol). In all seriousness though, my husband and I have walked through a lot of really tough things the last 6 years and if I am really honest, I think we have always walked through tough things because life is hard. There have been good moments along the way, my 6 grandkids are definitely part of those good moments, my loving husband and kids are also a huge blessing in my life! Pottery has been very healing and brought lots of joy, and of course some heart break; pottery is never a sure thing!

The first day of 2018, I sat down and wrote what I wanted for this year and basically what it boiled down to, was I want to love God and love other people. Spend time with Jesus every day and love the person in front of me. Doesn't that sound easy, lol! This is a goal, I want my life to be about love, really what else matters. So when I am faced with the hard times and I have already had a few really hard things thrown my way, what will my response be. Will I give into panic and anxiety or will I have peace in the middle of it and be able to love?

What our your goals for this year? I forgot to mention another goal and that is to create beautiful new creations!