I was permanently banned from Facebook and I seriously did nothing wrong!

Posted by Kim Undseth on 2019 Dec 24th

I was sitting at my table Saturday night, working on my website, drinking a tea. Then my life took a turn!  Apparently someone hacked into my facebook and within 30 minutes had me permanently banned!  I hate to say how much this affected me, I was seriously freaking out!  Facebook and instagram have been an amazing source of free advertising for my business!  Kind of scary how much I relied on these 2 sources!  Facebook is free, they don't owe you anything, they don't need a reason to ban you and they don't have to reinstate you, in fact it is all done by computer.  So Saturday night as I stared at the email that said I was permanently banned and could not be reinstated for any reason, I felt like I was shoved out into the dark!  No longer able to see the posts that my daughter shares of my beautiful grandkids.  No longer able to see my other daughter as she shares her life as a teacher and wife.  My two boys really don't do facebook and instagram thankfully.  How have we gotten to this place that we rely on social media for connection?

Sunday morning as I drank my coffee, I picked up my iPad to see if there was an email saying it was all a mistake and there was not.  So I grabbed my bible and the new devotion book the church gave me.  God speaks very clearly at times and this was one of them.  The reading was 1John chapter 1 and 2.  All about walking in the light.  I felt like I had been pushed into the darkness but that was a lie, I am light and I walk in the light. "But if we walk in the light, as he is light, we have fellowship with one another", as I said before  I felt like I had lost all connection but that was also a lie!  So now I will strive to build connection that doesn't rely on a social media platform!  That's not to say I won't start another facebook business under Todd's profile but I won't rely on it for connection!

When I started this blog, 2 years ago, I wrote a beautiful post about how I was going to take time for people, love the one in front of me.  I did strive to do this but frankly I was too busy to really take the time!  Not having Instagram and facebook will hurt my business but maybe thats not such a bad thing.  Maybe life doesn't need to be sooo busy!  Maybe I can take some of my pottery and have beautiful social gatherings around my table and build lasting connections that can't be broken in 30 minutes!  Maybe I need to spend more time walking with my husband!  More time with family and my beautiful grandkids!

Sometimes we all just need a good walk up call and this was definitely that for me and what, better time to have it, then when, we are all about to celebrate Jesus and time with friends and family!

Merry Christmas